Science and Technology in Italy

Today, top technological inventions are associated with the Silicon Valley in America. Even in Europe, the highest tech centre is located in Dublin Ireland and not in the top countries like England, Germany, France or Italy.

Italy is not in the limelight as it used to be during the times of the Roman era and the Renaissance. While Italy is now famous for its art, music and food cultures, it was the leader in innovations during the Roman period.

Top Scientific Inventions in Italy

From the ancient times of Aristotle, Italy has remained relevant in the science world. Its inventions cover all fields, and it is hard to imagine how the world would be right now without their designs.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei are some of the earliest masters of innovation in Italy. While Leonardo was a painter, he was also a genius. Some of Leonardo concepts influence modern designs, and they have an impact on multiple fields. He envisioned ideas in military equipment, the calculator, helicopters, and ship designs.

Galileo was the father of science, and his inventions were in the fields of physics, astronomy, and engineering.

Other innovations from the Italians include;

  • In 1852, two Italian Engineers collaborated to develop the first combustion engine in the world: Barsanti-Matteucci Engine.
  • Doxorubicin, a chemotherapy agent, was invented by the Familia Spa in the 1950s.
  • The need to lose weight is not a new thing, liposuction which is so popular today is the concept of the Italians.Dr.Giorgio Fischer invented the idea of liposuction 1974.
  • In the electronics world, Guglielmo Marconi realized the first radio communication.
  • In 1992, Italian engineer Clarbruno Vedruccio developed the Trimprob for the electromagnetic detection of cancer and cancerous tissue.
  • Latest Italian inventions include the Arduino created in 2003; It is a prototyping tool used in the fields of programming and electronics. It is expected to be crucial in AI Robots technology.
  • In 2005, Enrico Dini created the D-shape 3D printer that can print construction designs using natural materials.

Italy: Fourth Revolution

In 2015, the central bank governor of Italy, Mr. Ignazio Visco cited Italy’s inefficiency in investing and adoption of modern technologies. He was also worried about the instability in the country which was not suitable for development.

Recent Deloitte insights, however, show that Italy is still a global force in manufacturing and is second to Germany in the list of European countries with the most number of high tech companies.

Italy still is considerably active in the adoption of robotics technology and the adoption of 4.0 technologies.

There are however challenges mainly poor infrastructure and security systems, hacking is also prevalent in Italy, and the government until recently, in attempts to curb cybercrime, had been using Trojan software for hacking purposes. It is now standard for most establishments to contain ports for VPN due to the limitations in internet use.

There is science and technological growth in Italy, but, most Italian investors feel that the government is still slow in increasing investments in the fields. The political environment is also still not viable for faster tech growth.