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Italy Startups Industry & Well-Known Startups

Milan isn’t just the industrial, fashion, and financial capital of Italy, but also Italy’s largest start-up hub.

Plus, Milan also boasts a great start-up scene which is actually bolstered by the generous govt. tax measures & legislation & the momentum which followed this city’s hosting of the fair, Expo 2015.

And, the biggest of the Italian start-up hubs, Milan city is Italy’s fashion and finance capital & the talent pool is typically driven by a cluster of colleges and universities that include Bocconi University, Cattolica, IULM, and Politecnico.

Same like Dublin, there are a lot of large tech giants that have their offices in this city including Gartner, Google, Deloitte, IBM, and Microsoft.

Following are some to watch in 2019:


It is the online European charity auction website with its tablet auction tech which connects different digital events to the online bidders. Also, during the events of charity gala, guests could use these tablets on the tables for biding against each another. This is being used by the Novak Djokovic Foundation and Eva Longoria Foundation. The CharityStars also raised 2 million euros in the Series A round that was led by LastMinute Group CEO Fabio Cannavale, 360 Capital Partners, Shark Tank regular, and AS Roma player Stephan El Shaarawy.


In case you need to take the vision for what future of the retail or e-tail does look like in the VR, there is a Milan-based ELSE Corp. This start-up typically offers the cloud-managed back-end process just like the virtual fitting & order creation and smart manufacturing to the brands, independent designers, retailers, and manufacturers. This start-up company was established in the year 2014. It was initiated by Andrey Golub & has secured above 1 million dollars in funding that includes 560,000 dollars in the debt financing round.


This start-up was founded & launched in 2013 in Milan. It aims to actually consolidate the tours & activities market. It provides one online destination for discovering and booking in-destination activities. The users of its website or application might ‘hack’ this city by just getting hints & tips from the local experts and temporary & exclusive offers that are on specific locations in different cities. In one of the most important investments, it raised 10 million dollars in Series B. It has brought the Milan’s start-up’s funding to 16.5 million dollars with fifty people already employed there.

Fashion Buyers Society (FABS)

It is an application that is particularly targeted at the expert fashion buyers. It is available only on iOS, the FABS assists and supports buyers during the whole process that is from the first order to the last report. It was developed by Twentyfourseven that is an expert multi-disciplinary team located in Milan city focusing on the fashion & design, & designed by H-Farm.


It is based in Milan. Sweetguest start-up sells different online property management services. It was founded by Edoardo Grattirola and Rocco Lomazzi, Sweetguest gives complete management services for the short-term rentals aiming at those that need more from the holiday apartment. Services include check-out, cleaning, reservations, laundry, check-in, and more. This company raised 1 million euros in one seed round.


It is an agricultural marketplace online which permits its consumers one subscription service that sees different deliveries of the latest products to the users’ doors that is at the single click of the button. With yearly revenues of above 2 million euros, this company – already well-established in Lombardy – is actually planning to create its web platform in order to seize the opportunities that are linked to the food e-commerce & mobile commerce that is growing at a rapid pace in Italy. It has raised 2.4 million dollars from several investors including dPixel, P101, Club Italia Investimenti, and Boox.


It’s a biomedical startup that is located in Milan & Berlin. WISE is actually working to develop the latest generation of the implantable leads for the neuro-modulation & neuro-monitoring & its 1st products include implantable, biocompatible, & flexible electrodes which could be used for treating so many neurological disorders. This company has raised more than 6.5 million dollars from the existing investors. WISE has been chosen for a 3.2 million euros project that’s funded by Lombardy Region.


It is a popular marketing automation company which uses large data from different sources & machine learning algorithms in order to enhance the sales and performance of e-commerce players as it provides customers of the retailers along with some personalized shopping experience. This company has raised more than 1.1 million euros in funding from private investors and A11 ventures.

It was created in 2015 in Milan. provides consumers across Europe and in Italy in a quite effective way of buying privately used auto-vehicles. It was founded by Andrea Locatelli and Carlo Salizzoni. It has raised more than 2.7 million dollars from the angel investors that include Fabio Cannavale, Lorenzo Sistino, and Giuseppe Guillot.

Talent Garden

This company is the co-working place where technological, digital, entrepreneurial & creative professionals connect, work, and learn. In the last few years, the company has rapidly spread across many European cities & now has seventeen co-working campuses that serve 1,500 digital experts in Lithuania, Italy, Romania, and Albania. Talent Garden has raised above 12 million euros from the investors including Tamburi Investment Partners, Endeavor Catalyst, and 500 Startups & plans to further expand into Europe that includes Ireland and the UK.