One of the eternal questions is how to teach a child to ride a bike? The prerequisite of all should be the fact that child loves the bike, then of course the parents are the ones who take the initiative and choose which way should be best for child to drive a bike. As long as they do not get involved enough, the child will grow and learn- otherwise never gets willingness to learn and then we get a grown man who does not know how to ride a bike. In a simple way you can find fixed gear bicycle for sale and buy for low cost.


One way to distract the child from the bike is that it is not the correct way to learn to ride it. The child gets some trauma orFather teaching his son to ride a bike bad experience and there’s another way in which you will never learn to ride bicycles. We all know the story: tie child legs for pedal and let it ride, of course, this is a cruel joke, but you must know what you doing and how you access the child and get it to ride a bike. We will give you one of the tips on how to teach your child to ride.

bikesAn ideal age to start driving as experts say is from 4 to 5 years, but it varies from child to child. Buy the appropriate bike that suits the age of child – do not buy bikes whose frames are higher. When you bought a matching bike, the child should be explained how the brakes work, and of course give its child a helmet, in order to avoid hurting. Firstly, child needs to feel and learn to maintain the balance, because that’s what was necessary to take a bike ride on two wheels. It is easier to learn if you take off the pedals, so that he turns off the pedal. Lower the seat so that the child can sit with both legs on the ground.

Make sure that the child has understood how to brake on a bike! Then let the child pushes-let it walk while sitting on the bike seat and let it feel the driving. The next step is that the child pushes the earth with the feet, something like riding a scooter except that sits on the bike, you will see that from day to day – the child will more and more know how to make balance and control the steering wheel, while its feet most of the time will be in the air. When you see that a child mastered maintaining the balance and handling of the bike, turn the pedals. Now, the child has to push the pedal, which reduced balance because there is resistance that should be resisted. Be there as support in case that child feels insecure and that requires your help. Over the time, child will master the bike riding and you will not have to watch it all the time. Like in everything, time is need for learning new things – just be patient and try to give practical advice.

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How to prepare your bicycle for winter?

How to prepare your bicycle for winter?

If you are a true lover of these vehicles, then surely you can’t imagine your life without them even during the winter. This time of the year can be very severe for your machine, because if you don’t maintain it properly, cold and snow can damage it pretty seriously. You will put warm clothes on you and when you are done with your practice, you will make cup of hot tea and get cozy in your warm home. But what happens with your bike?

For this kind of adventure, you should prepare properly yourself and your bike. If you don’t have the old one that you use during the winter,4368904056_5078938350_z then it would be vise to prepare the one that you already have. This type of sport can have its beauties, especially when the ground is covered with snow, landscape can be spectacular and this is the ride that you would surely enjoy.

Before you begin with the ride, you should check the condition of your bike: tires shouldn’t be completely full with the air, because in that way they will have better contact with the ground. If you have signalization on your bike, you should check it as well. Depending on the time of the ride, your visibility will be reduced because of the lack of natural light and everything can seem little blurry and too white. Conditions of you steering wheel and your brakes are priority – before everything else you must have safe ride.  Don’t forget to oil your chain: ideal mixture for that type of action is oil and Teflon. Low temperatures, mud and snow lower the productivity of your bike and if you are not sure that you can work these things on your own, then you should seek the help of some professional.

The next reasonable question is: what to wear during the ride? Keep in mind that you will be much colder then when you are taking some casual ride. The best advice would be to wear your clothes in layers and don’t forget some light jacket. If it’s extremely cold outside, don’t forget to bring hat and scarf. If you decide to bring gloves too, you may encounter some problems – while you are wearing them, they will reduce sensation in your hands and therefore the ability to properly manage your bike. You should avoid heavy ski gloves and try to replace them with thin, elastic one. It is important to bring some fluids into your body during the ride, even though you won’t feel the thirst.


What to do with your bike after the ride? It is important to maintain it properly so you don’t endanger your life and give money on expensive repairs. You should clean up your chain and oil it with liquid oil. How to know if you done it right? During the ride, you mustn’t hear the sound of the chain. There are especially made oils for winter conditions. You should also regularly wash your bike, because the street during the winter are covered with salt, which can lead to rust and corrosion.

What to do with your bike after the ride? It is important to maintain it properly, so you don’t endanger your life and give money on expensive repairs. You should clean up your chain and oil it with liquid oil. How to know if you done it right? During the ride you mustn’t hear the sound of the chain. There are especially maid oils for winter conditions. You should also regularly wash your bike, because the street during the winter are covered with salt, which can lead to rust and corrosion.

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Smooth, bald tires, should we use them even in the rain?!

Smooth, bald tires, should we use them even in the rain?!

People are accustomed to tires with patterns. This makes it difficult to accept the fact that the bike is not the same and that for a bike it is better to have smooth tires. For driving out of asphalt patterns are certainly more than helpful, there is no dilemma. However, on the asphalt, patterns are not just helpful, but also reduce grip!

For proof one can make an experiment: with studs and try sudden braking and sharp turn on the asphalt (at your own risk – can easily get to the falls). The same with smooth tires goes a lot easier, with a much better grip – this can also be tested. On wet pavement difference is even greater – in favor of bald tires, which can also confirm the same experiment. Twisting studs / pattern gives practical effect of traction tires – unpredictable, often without notice.

Tires with a finer pattern are less critical than those with studs, but in respect of them smooth tires are completely better on the road – the only difference is not so great. Rubber with “urban” pattern: still it is not the best solution for asphalt. Tire with smooth pattern and a soft mixture is good to lean on the asphalt and it is the best choice for driving on asphalt.

Why then tire manufacturers put marks on asphalt tires?Free-shipping-CST-26-1-5-C-869-C-917-C-1110-road-font-b-bicycle

Because it is easier for people to sell them a gum for which they think that is good, but to argue with them that all that they have been thinking by nowhas nothing to do with an asphalt and bike.
On the road tires are often put fret so shallow, almost like there isn’t any of them just toallows to shoppersbetter and calmer sleep.

Pattern on the popular model of road tires is so shallow that almost does not matter on the tarmac with relatively quickly frays.
The tread rubber is still completely smooth, even and without any indication of the pattern.


To sum up we can say that tire should be made with smooth rubberwith a soft, “sticky” mixture and they are the best choice for cycling on the tarmac, especially when it’s cold and rainy.

Tires with a pattern roll slower and poorer fit of his balding “counterpart”.

Wheels, they are the most inert part bike. Thus speeding up your bike over can contribute to saving a few hundred grams per volume wheels (rims, tires …) than a few pounds in the central part of the bike. Also, do not get carried away that all tires without studs move faster than the larger rubber studs. Often the “bald” tires drastically harder than quality of others and the only thing that remains Handicap tires with studs is humming sound on the tarmac that you resembles on drive of a truck and not a “sports car”. Keep in mind that you can often be much faster if you put your bike on a broad but light tires than narrow tires.

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Types of bikes and which one to choose

Types of bikes and which one to choose

City bike (city bike) – this type of bike is a little less frequent in the shops and on the streets. What is characteristic for this bike? That would be definitely a similar pattern as the mountain bike. Transmission is usually something simpler than on other bikes, forward has only one gear medium-sized, and back has 3 speeds. Of course, there are variations as well as a mountain fairy tale 3×7, 3×8, 3×9, 3x now and 10 and of course 3×6 (which is already obsolescent) except that the ratio of teeth is different on the mountain bikes. The wheels are the same size 26 “, although there are varieties with larger wheels. So this type of bikes we recommend to people who want to perform tasks around the city or even to go to work with it. These bikes are easy to ride and a bit more comfortable than others.


Hybrid bikes – As well as the word itself says, these bikes are a mixture of bicycles. There are no rules as it seems to be, and there is a variation of equipment. The only thing we can say is that it is1324382983995-1ki4s6wr1sgn1-700-80 mostly sold in the following variants. Frame is the same like with road bike, except that there is no fault wheel, but straight handlebars, gear ratio and the ratio of the teeth may be like on the road bike. As we said, these bikes are not defined. The wheels are usually 28 “, however this is not a rule. Tires on this bike are like on road bikes, or slightly wider in some cases. We recommend these bikes to people who like unusual things, who like to be different from others – but have in mind that this bike is meant to be driven only in cities.

Downhill bikes – These bikes are made ​​for extreme driving on rugged terrain. Therefore they must be equipped with high-quality suspension, as well as front-rear shock absorber. Transmission is like on MTB bicycle, except that it can forward only “one step”. These bikes are very expensive, and almost real downhill bike could not be found in our stores. However, you can always look at the ads and with a little luck to find downhill bikes. Basically this is bike for all who love extreme driving – going down the stairs, climbing stairs, jumping, driving on a very non accessible terrains and so on.

s412745302367073027_p1_i1_w300BMX bike – we reached the American blockbuster! These bikes have started to produce in America. They are well-known, so we will not waste words on them. We’ll just tell you that they are made to serve the urban city driving, jumping on the edge of the stairs and jumping over obstacles. They are mainly made for skate parks and ramps. If you like this kind of driving, the BMX bike for you.

As I said at the beginning, it is your choice what kind of bike you are going to buy and drive. We hope that this text, maybe gave you a little explain, or taught you something you may not knew.

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Six reasons to start riding a bicycle

Six reasons to start riding a bicycle

Regardless to the fact that you want to increase your condition or health, bank account or it is your eco choice, riding a bicycle can be one of the best decision that you have ever made and you will definitely start to ride bicycle after you read these six interesting facts.

1.You will make it faster

If in major cities in UK, you ride a bike, you will save twice as much time than if you go by car. In fact, if you spend an hour driving in Cardiff during the rush hour, you will spend more than 30 simple-plan-climb-ridersminutes wandering around with an average speed of only 11km/h, as opposed to an average 20-25km/h by riding a bike.

2. Provides you quality sleep

Early morning drive may be tiresome but it will also help you properly take a nap when you reach for a pillow. Stanford University conducted a study in which people who suffer from insomnia rode a bike for 20 to 30 minutes every other day. The result? The time it took them to fall asleep was reduced by half and time of sleeping continued for nearly an hour.

3.Extends the life

Royal University in London has compared more than 2,400 identical twins and found that those who ride a bike 45 minutes a week are for nine years biologically younger, regardless of other influences such as body mass index and smoking.  According to the doctor who conducted the mentioned research, people who have exercises on daily basis have significantly lower risk of diseases of heart, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure. The body becomes much more efficient in defense and regenerating new cells.

00814. They save planet

Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space as one car. Only five percent of the materials that are consumed in the production of the car is enough to make one bike, a bike produces zero pollution. Bicycles are also efficient. You will move three times faster than when you are walking and you will be using the same amount of energy and taking into account the “fuel” that you’ve poured into your “engine” that is the equivalent of 2,924 miles per gallon.

5. You will lose weight

Many people who want to lose weight think that the best way to achieve that is by going out and start running. But while running, a large amount of fat melts and that is not good for you if you are bigger than you ever wanted to be. Think about it- when your foot hits the ground, the body suffers the pressure that is two to three times higher. If you weigh 100 pounds, that’s a big shock. Instead, start riding a bike- largest part of your weight is going to the saddle and in that way the bones do not suffer.

6. It stimulates the heart and lungs

Adult cyclists use 10 times more oxygen than those who sit in front of televisions in the same period. Regular pedaling will help in strengthening your cardiovascular system, thus enabling the heart and lungs to work more efficiently with faster utilization of oxygen when needed. This means you can do more exercise with less effort

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Cycling – Buying A New Bicycle

Cycling – Buying A New Bicycle

Owning a bicycle is definitely one of the most useful things to own. In addition to that, it has numerous benefits on your overall health, the environment, as well as your financial situation. The majority of repairers on your bicycle can be done fairly quickly and by yourself, so it provides an enormous amount of independence as well as satisfaction with life in general. However, a lot of people are wondering when is it the right time to get a new bicycle? If you want the answer to this question, make sure that you read the following article.
When Should I Get A New Bicycle?

In my personal experience, there are various occasions at which it is necessary and practical to get a new bicycle. For example, if you’re all the bicycle is broken down beyond repairing, or if you are a professional cyclist, buying a new bicycle is not only a reasonable decision, but also a necessity. However, if you do not have a legitimate reason for getting a new bicycle, make sure that you really think whether you need a new bicycle at all.

How Much Money Should I Spend?

When it comes to bicycles, they are certainly a type of transportation that will save you the most money, especially over the period of time during which it is used. While you have to spend a lot of money in order to maintain a car, you don’t have to spend large sums of money in order to maintain or use your bicycle. In that respect, any money you spend on a new bicycle is well spent, and will ultimately save you money. In addition to that, you should also think about your finances and how much you’re willing to spend on a new bicycle. Make sure that you think of the price range before you head out to look at bicycles.

Are Brands Really That Important?

BikeLogos1If you want to buy a bicycle which is the most suitable for your needs, I would suggest that you think about what you need from a bicycle, rather than stick to a certain brand. Certainly, there are brands which are advertised as popular or durable, but that doesn’t mean that you will manage to find a bicycle that suits your needs. In that respect, I believed that brands are not really that important, and that you should and stick to a certain bicycle just because a name is attached to it.

What To Look Out For

Make sure that you are getting the best deal, and that this is the bicycle that you want. In addition to that, I would also suggest that you definitely take the bicycle for a test ride before buying it. Make sure that you try out all the movements that you would normally to while riding a bicycle during this test ride, because in that way you will get the sense of how this bicycle would behave during regular use. Also, if you are trying to make the best deal, either wait for a sale or ask your dealer to give you better price.

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