Tourism Apps in Italy

Popular Tourism Applications in Italy

It is not difficult to travel to a new place nowadays due to the support of technology for us. Wherever you go, you have access to places with your smartphone. Once you have the phone connected with the internet, you can access all the information needed to be there.

Well, when you are traveling to Italy, there are certain applications which should be in your smartphone already. Whether you have an android or apple smartphone, you can download these applications and use them easily. They work as guidance for you without any cost, so you do not need a travel guide when you are new to Italy. Here are some of the amazing applications to follow.


Language is the biggest problem for the person traveling to Italy as most of the people there do not speak the universal language which is English .the history of Italy contains art, literature, and music where this application helps you out. You can brush your skills through this application to learn Italian and communicate through it with the people there. It helps you generate conversations about the weather, sports and much more.


A great versatile application for you to use so you can book and find flights, hotel, navigation and much more. There is also information about the transits like public ones and airport. You can also get facts from the main destination when you arrive at Italy from this application.


This application helps you in providing the information related to tickets, train routes, and their schedules. You can see the city through this application by knowing which route you have to take to a certain place. There are urban centers and communities which you can explore as well. Plan your route through this application by paying for the ticket online and also access the VIP lounge through it.

Guides (Lonely Planet)

If you want to purchase merchandise in Italy, this is the best application for you to download. You can get a lot of information to collect the main merchandise of Italy. There are recommendations about the local area along with other pointers to follow. If you want to see famous cities around Italy, you can plan it through this application as well.

Italy Travel Guide (Triposo)

This application is amazing because it is a guide of Italy and that too in English. You can get all the information about the country and places from this application. It also works offline, so you do not have to worry about the connection of internet. It is best for the travelers by the format and content in it. There is also a map maker and trip planner which you can use to check out the rental cars, scooters, a book for tours, attend events and much more.


If you wish to eat great food in Italy and to find a suitable restaurant, then this is the application for you to download. It is one of the handy apps which you need to keep in the smartphone. There are multiple food options for you to try such as mobile food trucks, restaurants, street vendors, take out services and much more. Also, there are pictures of the food so you can check it out before going there.

For True Foodies Only

This application is only for the iOS users to get information about the restaurants or places to eat near your location. Check out the top chefs and restaurants to eat food in Italy. There are also short videos which show the cooking of the meals and quality of food served to the customers.

Eat Italy

There is an entire list of the food places in Italy. Name it whether it is a bakery, café, hotel or restaurant, every place where food is available will be found on the application. It is free of cost with all the information about what kind of food is available at a certain restaurant.

Radio Italia

You can find all about the culture of Italy from this application. Learn the language, know about music, news and local programs about culture. You can also attend the festivals and street parties which are happening in Italy at the time you are there to enjoy your stay. You can also use it before arriving in Italy to know about the news update.


You can read about the recommendations about certain shops, cafes, restaurants and other places before visiting there. Professionals make most of the recommendations so you can trust them and then decide whether you should go to that place or not. It will help you make the right decision as not all the places in a new land is worth visiting and may waste your time.

When you are traveling to Italy, it is always better to make a plan ahead of time. You should never leave anything on the last moment as things can be a mess. Make sure you keep a planner with you knowing which places you have to visit and how many days you have to spend there.

These applications are popular in Italy which people use when they are there or when they visit there from their home countries. All the applications are useful and work handy for the newcomers in Italy. You can guide yourself without any third party when you are there because of the smartphone you have.

Simply connect your phone to the nearest Wi-Fi connection to get started. Before that, download the applications on your phone from your home so that you know which application you have to visit for a certain purpose.